High quality

We have a dedicated quality management team that conducts strict controls throughout the stages and stages of our product manufacturing process, from raw materials to consumption, ensuring consistency in the quality of all our products.

Certification and Safety

Health and Safety is of primary concern. Our modern facilities with up-to-date equipement, from reception and storage areas to production and distribution facilities, meet all the necessary requirements and procedures based on certifications.


We work with the best and largest suppliers in Greece and manage impressively large quantities of orders. This allows our prices to be economically advantageous, reducing production costs and therefore securing highly competitive pricing of the end product.

Geographical coverage

Across Greece and abroad, we complete (supply the workforce, modify facilities, produce and distribute goods) contracts with organizations as well as individual agencies and companies, under the supervision of specialized project and area managers.

Good food, good life

We openly provide our customers with detailed food and meal information, with nutritional analyses and allergen information. Our Good Food, Good Life initiative helps improve eating habits and promotes healthy eating choices for all.

Social Sensitivity

By choosing our services, you help develop our promise to provide support where needed. We respect our environment, our fellow workers and our employees and give equal opportunities to vulnerable social groups.

We operate based on interpersonal communication, high standards and two-way trust.